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Tesla Quad Cities is Growing...

We’ve started a workspace in Slack! In order to keep in touch with one another, meet new people, and discuss all things Tesla (software updates, tips and tricks, share pics, etc. ), where we plan to meet next, and really just to chat... we’ve started a chat within the free app Slack.

Slack’s Website (Can use your browser versus getting the app)

Google Play Store Link

Apple App Store Link

For those not familiar with it, Slack is a free app (available for both Apple and Android or accessible via your web browser) and you sign up for an account with the email of your choosing. Then you select the username you want everyone to see. I went this route because it allows this group to get together and talk without putting too much information out there for all the see (like cell numbers for example). You’re free to chat with the group in the group channels, or directly with individual members as well.

Please join us! Download the app or navigate to the Slack website, create an account and then contact me at Once I have an email from you, I can send an invite for the group chat to your email and allow access.

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