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Archived: Tesla Quad Cities Official Logo

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The time has come for me to reveal an important project I’ve been working on for a while and I feel it’s finally ready for the world. My procrastination has more to do with actually finding time to work on it rather than having the time and not doing so. I also have to blame a bit of perfectionism too as I kept tinkering with it.

I really have been working hard to come up with ideas and inspiration for a logo that really speaks to the local culture and emphasizes the area and what makes it unique... I wanted it to have all the details of the Quad Cities AND Tesla!

It‘s with great pride that with this post I am revealing the new logo for Tesla Quad Cities!

Official Logo of Tesla Quad Cities
Tesla Quad Cities Logo

Please allow me to speak to the details! Some, if not all, of this will be known to a local reader, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible on the chance that someone is visiting my website and reading this post without any knowledge of our area.

First and foremost, the central piece of this logo is the bridge. If you're from the Quad Cities, you're already familiar with this. For those reading that aren't, there is a brand new bridge currently under construction to replace an existing, very old I74 bridge, or just “the 74” (as a lot of us call it). Once completed, the new bridge will be one of the most iconic and recognizable images in the Quad Cities as it’s centrally located and connects Iowa to Illinois right in the heart of Moline, IL. and pretty close to the border of Davenport and Bettendorf, IA. (It’s also going to have an amazing arch appearance!). The new bridge will have 4 lanes of traffic in each direction and include a pedestrian/bike lane complete with elevators/stairs on each side of the river that will end up connecting walk/bike river pathways in each state. It’s a massive upgrade from the 2 narrow lanes each way that we currently have! More details on this new bridge, including live webcams of its‘ current status can be found here if you’re interested. Can’t wait for it to be completed because right now things are kind of a mess, though I feel the cities have done a great job at planning ahead for the construction.

If it isn’t clear (and I really hope that it is) the bridge becomes the top portion of the T in Tesla Quad Cities. The Q and the C, for “Quad” and “Cities“ respectively, remain as is from my previous logo. I resized them and cleaned them up but I felt they work well here.

The lower portion of the T is the last remaining nod to the actual Tesla ”T” logo that I decided to keep and hint at while also making it unique. The top of it has a wave feature to it which is a nod to the local Quad Cities Chamber and the Visit Quad Cities groups which both do amazing work at promoting the QC area and post regularly about upcoming events on social media. The wave can be seen in variation within their logos and, to me, is a reference to the Mississippi River and how it’s central to the Quad Cities now, and historically what the area was built up around in the first place!

Along that same line of thought, the wave runs under the bridge like a river and leads to the lower portion of the ”T” in my new logo actually becoming the Mississippi River itself. I wanted it to flow like water through the middle of the logo much like the actual river runs through the middle of the Quad Cities defining the state borders of Iowa and Illinois. The QC area is known for the “bend” in the river which makes the Mississippi run from east to west, the cities in Iowa are all to the north and the cities in Illinois to the south. Several local business play on this bend in the river with their names, one example being Bent River Brewing along with their catchphrase “Get Bent!” They make some decent craft beers!🍺

I decided to include the states of Iowa and Illinois in silhouette form because I feel that visual is the quickest explainer of where the Quad Cities are located to those that might not know. Not just that but each state plays an important roll in the Quad Cities themselves and I like including them here for that reason.

The five pointed star signifies not just our location, but each point represents one of the five large cities that make up the Quad Cities. The two points in Iowa represent the cities of Davenport and Bettendorf, and the three points in Illinois represent Rock Island, Moline and East Moline. Wait... what was that? Go back.... Yes, you read that correctly... there are 5 main cities in the Quad Cities! The story as I know it (and could need correcting): As the area developed, at first there were three main/growing cities which were known as the Tri-Cities. (Cool sidebar: There was even a professional basketball team called the Tri-City Hawks that eventually moved and ended up as the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks we know today). Well, a fourth city grew larger and prompted the moniker of Quad Cities to be born. This was used for quite some time and people got used to it and liked it. So when a fifth city grew larger and the notion of changing the name to Quint Cities was floated about, people and businesses in the area weren’t having it! One local news station pushed and pushed for Quint Cities, but the name Quad Cities was here to stay! More info on the Quad Cities if you are interested.

As a final nod, the star converges at center where the Rock Island Arsenal is located. This island located in between Iowa and Illinois is a military installation that plays an important part in the local community as one of its largest employers and also an important part in our nations military readiness. It is a source of great local pride and I felt like the use of this shining star, with all of the points converging on The Arsenal, signifies that importance.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read this! Please reach out to me and let me know what you think 1) about the logo and 2) about my writing as I’m considering adding more NEWS post to the website. (email:

A few logo variations

Tesla Quad Cities Logo Reversed

Borderless Logo

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