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Welcome to Tesla Quad Cities

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Welcome to the Tesla Quad Cities website, an online enthusiast driven, fan site dedicated to all things Tesla in the Quad Cities and the surrounding areas! I've decided to update the site with a new "NEWS" section where I'll take time to write about events, meet ups, and plans and ideas in the works! To start off, I thought I'd reach back into the past a bit and re-post the first post from the Tesla Owners Online forum Quad Cities thread where I dive into what Tesla Quad Cities is and why I created it.

What is Tesla Quad Cities? Why did you create it? I decided to create the Tesla Quad Cities website and work with the Tesla Owners Online forum (and the specific thread linked above) in order for us to have something local for the Quad Cities area. There are official Tesla Owners Clubs operating out of Chicago and Des Moines, and I’m proud to be a member of the Tesla Owners Club Iowa (which is the club founded/based out of the Des Moines area), however I felt there was still a need for something in the Quad City area, which is really taking off in terms of Tesla ownership, enthusiasm and interest. With that in mind, Tesla Quad Cities was born! An unofficial (not affiliated with Tesla or the official Tesla Owners Clubs) enthusiast group with a simple goal: bring people together to chat about their vehicles and local services, help each other, bounce ideas off one another, perhaps arrange for meet ups, and maybe even work out some test drives. My idea is that Tesla Quad Cities is really open to whatever we want to make of it. The more the merrier and the more feedback and input from everyone, the better. Please feel free to message me on me on the Tesla Owners Online forum or directly via email at:

Why Tesla Owners Online? In speaking with Tesla’s main point of contact for the official owners clubs, I was encouraged to build on top of what’s already established and available. Nowhere have I found more helpful information, great conversation and amazing people than on the Tesla Owners Online (TOO) forum. I reached out to Trevor Page, the founder of Tesla Owners Online, to ask about utilizing the already great community there as a home base for a Tesla Quad Cities specific thread. With this connection, we not only have a place to discuss local topics, but also have a vast amount of readily available resources to leverage and a community to join and bank upon for bigger topics that aren’t Quad City specific. Having issues with your software? There’s a dedicated thread section for that! A specific issue with your Model S/X/3? There are different forum areas for each vehicle! Odds are you can do a search and find similar posts, and if you don’t see one you can start your own new thread and have access to helpful replies from forum members all over the world!

Please feel free to join the Tesla Owners Online forum and participate in ongoing discussion regarding a variety of topics. But don't feel pressured to join... you do not have to join to surf through the great amount of helpful topics there. If you would like to join, there is no obligation, no cost, nothing expected in any way, shape or form. No one will cram their referral code down your throat and forum participation is open to as little or as much as you wish! We’d love to have you join us!

What’s next for Tesla Quad Cities? I honestly have no idea! I created the website without really knowing what to expect. I’m going to do what I can to get the word out about the site via business cards and a sticker on my car window...look for the Tesla Quad Cities logo on HEAV3N, my white Model 3, or on my wife’s black Model S. Here are some pics of them! I’m really hopeful that this will help bring people together and that the group grows. I’d love to see a solid expanding base of enthusiastic Quad City Tesla owners joining up and connecting here, and I’m certain it’s possible because I see an increasing number of Tesla vehicles on the roads every day!

Basically, what’s next is up in the air. Really if anyone finds this useful in any way, than my efforts will have been worth it. I’m hoping for the best! Please consider passing my website address along to others you think might be interested. I would greatly appreciate it!

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